She is through and through a Ca-li-for-nia Gurl, they’re unforgettable…


Check out Blake Lively in Santa Monica yesterday shooting scenes for Gossip Girl…and you know, it could be argued, Lively’s Serena is definitely more West Coast than Upper East Side. She looks right at home. Really good. Easily, effortlessly California good. This reminds me, I need a new denim jacket because I left mine in a cab last year and haven’t found the right shade for another one since. Also, some cheap versions flare at the waist. This makes me crazy. You see how hers just sits nice and flat?

Blake will be in Vegas next week as the recipient of the CinemaCon Breakthrough Performer of the Year Award. Something about the “stunning” performance in The Town??? (Source)

I often wonder these days if people actually know anymore the actual meanings of the words they use.

Also, since it’s in my head now…

Sorry. I can’t help it.

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