It was supposed to be the Comic-Con panel for The Green Lantern. Instead Blake Lively tried to make it about her breasts. Hard-ons aside, I mean, really, is it necessary? There were people who I interviewed in line waiting for hours, I mean hours, in the heat, they’d come from far and wide, and if they wanted to see cleave, they could have stayed at home with their laptops and jerked off.

Skin is not the point at Comic-Con. It is however the point when you’re Blake Lively. Because it’s almost as though she knows she can only play one note. And that note is always short, tight, super titty, and sounds like a mumble.

Did it come off hot and sexy? No. It came off as a joke. That SHE was the joke. Among journalists and other insiders, she turned into a joke. Next to Ryan Reynolds and Geoff Johns and the rest, she was dead air.

With The Green Lantern set for release a year away, their jobs were to hype up the fans, to set some of their minds at ease, to assure them that they would honour the superhero. Ryan Reynolds did a great job. And you know, I have called out Ryan Reynolds on his fan f-ckery in the past. These days however, Ryan Reynolds appears to be a new believer in the Hugh Jackman School of Big Movie Star Behaviour. He worked hard to prove to the Nerd Herd that this is not simply a big paycheque but a labour of love. When asked by a young fan about The Green Lantern oath, he readily recited the lines, signed something for the kid, and showed off his ring. On the press line he was patient, obliging, humble, and committed. And then he went back to work immediately, not seen at any parties, focused on completing production. After all, this will be a major career milestone. Word is so far he has the right attitude.

If The Green Lantern can live up to expectations and earn big at the box office, well suddenly Ryan Reynolds is making a case to be the most versatile actor in Hollywood. He can do romcom with Bullock, he’s now a superhero, and there’s Buried, his little independent movie that buzzed so strong at Sundance there was a bidding war, scheduled to open in the fall. Multi-purpose Reynolds.... ummm....when did this happen?

Multi-purpose Blake Lively?

Sit your ass down.

Blake Lively’s purpose is her rack, which had a few of us debating whether or not it’s real.

By the way, Natalie Portman is also doing a superhero movie. Note how Natalie is dressed. You know.

Natalie was at Comic-Con for Thor. Natalie Portman + Kat Dennings = Girlcrush overload. On my end though, Thor seemed to be the one to have received the least amount of buzz. Not really caring.



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