So I watched the season premiere of Gossip Girl the other night. It’s only 10 episodes. I’ve decided to finish it off. Blake Lively’s Serena VDW doesn’t appear until midway through the hour wearing a yellow and white long dress cut low and, frankly, I could focus on nothing but her cleavage. The way it sits up is quite remarkable. Not unlike the way it’s sitting up here, last night at the Chanel Bijoux de Diamant 80th anniversary event in New York.

Again with the f-cking wrinkly sateen. I like the pink panels and the pockets, yes. But the way the material creases, it’s so distractingly messy. Also it’s disgusting at the back. That back is a bachelorette party in Vegas.

Who cares about the back though when we can talk about the ring? So many rings this week!

Blake Lively’s > Jennifer Aniston’s -- agree or disagree?

Great nail polish too.