Blake Lively was on every list of expected attendees for TIFF 2011 for her movie Hick. And then the Hick premiere carpet came and went and she wasn’t on it. Instead, Chloe Moretz posed really hard.

Where was Blake?

Blake passed up a chance to promote her actress-ing at a film festival?

Blake was last photographed in New York working on Gossip Girl on Wednesday. Again, no one, not even sponsors, was told that she wouldn’t be in Toronto.

So...where is she?

Well, her boyfriend Leonardo DiCaprio has been shooting The Great Gatsby in Australia. And she’s already flown all the way over there once, for just 4 days, to see him. It’s a textbook Leo: spend a weekend undercover while all eyes are on Brange and Clooney at TIFF. See? Hardly anyone noticed. We were too busy being held hostage by George with Stacy for OVER FOUR HOURS.

If Blake did go to Australia though, I mean this is some kind of intense situation happening here. That Leo needs to see her as often as he does. That they can’t stand to be apart for too long. That he’s into her pretty hard right now, to the point where he’d ask her to skip her premiere. If she did go to Australia...

How did she DO that?

PS. Also doesn’t hurt that Hick sucks. May have made her decision a lot easier.

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