Celia sent me this link yesterday. Of Blake Lively leaving Ryan Reynolds’s apartment in Boston on Sunday after spending the weekend. Click here to see. That’s... three in a row?

Goddamn, Leo, you were so used.

Blake had a big crush on Ryan when they were shooting Green Lantern in New Orleans. If you’ve been reading my blog long enough, you’ll know I wrote about it then. Briefly: they went to a cooking class together, fried green tomatoes. He, as you know, was married to Scarlett Johansson at the time. Scarlett was territorial. Blake pouted about it but she waited.

And then, you know, an opportunity with Leonardo DiCaprio presented itself just as we were fixated on her bare breasts. And, like the golden assed, master famewhore we now know her to be but underestimated at the start, she took advantage of the situation and turned it into a textbook summer. All the while, as we now know, multiple Oscar nominee Leo was actually her #2. Ryan Reynolds texts her back once and suddenly she’s on the train to Boston instead of flying overnight to Australia. And he actually opened the door! Because he’s had two box office failures in a row? Perhaps. But the point is, suddenly Blake Lively gets to call the shots on him. That’s how she did that. She played us all. While Ashley Greene is getting As IF-ed by, like, everyone, Blake Lively’s working on her next scheme... and, well, unlike the Jessica Biel and Rachel Bilsons of the world, I’m not sure it’s entirely predictable what that might be. After all, didn’t you think she’d hang on to Leo and never let him go?