Like by 2 sizes. At least.

Chill before you start foaming at the mouth and composing that hate mail. Am not saying she’s big. Of course she’s not big. But she’s making herself look bigger by stuffing her body into a dress that doesn’t fit. Take a closer look – that sh-t is so tight she can’t even tuck the hanger straps all the way into the side.

The result?

A Nina Ricci that looks budget.


Seriously, did Theyskens approve of this?

He can’t have approved of this. He can’t have approved of his design looking like a next-morning-knock-off. You know the day after, on all the entertainment shows when they get that ABS by Allen Schwartz dude to whip up copies of what the stars were wearing on the carpet the night before but at a fraction of the price?

Blake Lively has turned a priceless Nina Ricci into a next-morning-knock-off – the coveted dress for Prom 2009. Shame.

And why does Blake farking Lively get the honour of presenting Best Drama? Blake who?

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