A full length trailer for Blake Lively’s The Shallows has been released. If you’ve forgotten, this is the movie where Blake fights a shark. A teaser for the film came out a while ago but that was a preview mostly for atmosphere – Blake’s on a rock being scared. This time we get more of the story. And, after watching it, I’m wondering if the story is about man-hating?

We open on Blake turning down an invite to hang in the water by two dudes, the impression being that two locals are trying to get pervy with the wary blonde innocent. Later on, we cut to one of the guys telling her that this place, which we know is being hunted by a shark, is “paradise”. So they end up getting shark-attacked later on… because they were skeeves and lied to her?

Blake then tells the shark that she’s not the one and they go to war. At some point she finds a gun and shoots. This is where Sarah has problems with the story because…how come there’s a gun lying around?

Maybe we’re overthinking it. Maybe it’s as simple as: Beaches are nice, Sharks are scary, We should not let sharks threaten our beaches. F-ck you shark. Go see The Shallows.