I don’t see how this dress can ever be worn again by anyone else after Blake Lively’s been through it. But I do hope Jessica Biel tries. The result of that would make me very happy.

It’s Zuhair Murad. You know who wears a lot of Zuhair Murad? Jennifer Lopez, Carrie Underwood, Taylor Swift. So...

The shape is incredible. Or, rather, Blake’s shape is incredible. And it fits! But I hate the nudeness underneath the black sparkle. It ends up downgrading everything. Still...stature and confidence can save almost anything. She is wearing the sh-t out of it. Sometimes, with borderline designs, that makes all the difference, non?

God I can’t wait to see her in Savages. And I can’t actually decide whether or not I want her to surprise me and be good or delight me by being really, really sh-t. Like, would you enjoy the Twilight movies as much if the acting was passable? Same idea.