Blake Lively turned 25 on August 25 -- a Champagne Birthday! Remember her birthday last year? On Blake’s birthday last year, she was on a plane to Australia to visit then-boyfriend Leonardo DiCaprio who was there shooting The Great Gatsby. That was the beginning of the end. That was when She Did That. That was when Blake played Leo, exchanging him for Ryan Reynolds. So the trip to Sydney, it represents Blake’s last moments with Leo. They say he stomped around being pissy for several days after.

Here’s Blake wearing patchy pants on the set of Gossip Girl the other day. She’s arranged very few photo opportunities with Ryan lately. Am told that the disinclination is on his part. And besides, there’s not much to say. Apparently since love with Ryan, the career hasn’t been as much of a priority as it used to be. We’re about 3 months away from Ryan marking two years split from Scarlett Johansson. Is that enough time to give marriage another go? It’s definitely where it’s headed.