For months we’ve been hearing about Blake Lively and her work with Chanel as the face of the brand’s Mademoiselle handbags. And this is the first ad.

I don’t think I’m arty enough. Because, well, it’s a little underwhelming, non?


I am a low classy pig. Slap me with your leather gloves, one two, on each cheek, one two, la la, cheek to cheek, boring boring, who am I?

Karl, you see, shot these himself. Which means anyone who isn’t feeling them simply isn’t worthy. Me.

But… in a very small voice… has anyone ever considered that Karl might not be the photographer and the filmmaker that he thinks he is? That fashion design talent isn’t necessarily transferrable? That’s what it is though, isn’t it? These artists. James Franco. They think it can migrate across disciplines. Like suddenly our generation has spawned a DaVinci on every block?


Slap me again with your leather gloves – one two, la la, cheek to cheek, boring boring, I am uncivilised and I deserve it.