Blake Shelton and the other judges from The Voice were on Extra yesterday. Then he went out for dinner with Christina Aguilera and her boyfriend. (Ahem, JLO, please take note. You don’t have to give the guy a JOB, see?)

Anyway, I’m still high on a country music buzz, especially here at Duana’s house since she keeps replaying or singing that Kelly Clarkson song with Vince Gill. Also, PONTOON. Whyyyyyy didn’t I know about this song in the summer??? As promised then, whenever we can, we will feature country celebrities, and, in particular, the Country Brange, Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton.

Someone wrote to me last week to say that one of Blake’s contestants on The Voice chose a Chris Brown song to sing. And in the feedback after his performance, Blake was all like, I’m disappointed you chose a Chris Brown song. That dude apparently got cut. True story? If it’s a true story, this is badass. As you know, Miranda has also been upfront about her feelings about that piece of sh-t. She was one of the only artists at the Grammys who expressed disgust at Brown’s win. TOO FEW celebrities express disgust over Chris Brown’s success.