Is there anyone worse than the person who fancies themselves a modern-day Archie Bunker? “I’m not racist, I hate everyone equally.” Ya you are actually VERY racist. Archie Bunker was a commentary on deep-rooted systemic racism and a (purposely) small-minded buffoon scared of his own shadow.

But what does Archie Bunker have to do with Blake Shelton? Well, Blake has a few old tweets, some dating back to 2010/11, that try for that same tone. You know, misogynistic, racist, homophobic, but in a way that’s supposed to be cutting and funny. The Daily Mail and NY Post have a selection that include:

'Wish the dickhead in the next room would either shut up or learn some English so I would at least know what he's planning to bomb.'

'I was 19 years old when my heart first got broken. I'm over it now but I wonder what that fat ugly bitch is up to.'

'If you haven't noticed Richard Simmons is gay, you haven't noticed Katy Perrys boobs... (sic)'.

Blake thinks he is one funny dude. I’m sure that’s what will come out of this. Blake will be all like “it was just jokes, y’all”. What do his “jokes” say about his judgment, though, the way he uses his voice. These were before The Voice but still, he was a country music star married to another country music star. He was famous. He had a lot of followers. Social media is a choice celebs make. This is how he chose to interact. THIS is what he chose to do with his time and voice. Because there weren’t enough jokes about Muslims and bombs?

It’s like Blake’s version of open mic night and it’s super lame. 

And speaking of using his voice, well what about his very cushy job on The Voice? That gig has brought Blake a lot of things: mainstream success, boatloads of money and Gwen Stefani. Does Gwen Stefani seem like the type of person who would be cool with Blake making fun of gay men? Obviously we can’t know for sure but I’m guessing that doesn’t fly. Not around her friends and definitely not around her kids.

According to the Post, publicists have been furiously trying to bury the tweets. I don’t know if it’s that big of a deal for him or the show. There will be lots of support for Blake from the “f-ck the PC police” supporters (you can spot them by their use of #alllivesmatter). He has a lot of fans, Gwen has a lot of fans, he does well on talk shows, he seems affable and genuinely “country” – these tweets are not a problem for Blake…not yet.

So as of now, he’s ignoring it. He will likely continue to ignore it. This is part of his twangy, salt of the earth charm – he’s not supposed to give a sh-t about the tabloids or being mainstream (even though he totally is). An apology might actually be worse from a brand standpoint – it will either make him look “weak” to his country base, or it will make him look insincere to his casual fans. The tweets are already out there, so what does he have to lose by staying silent? Absolutely nothing. Blake Shelton will be fine. Just like Justin Timberlake will be fine. They were built to be fine.