Kristen Stewart and girlfriend Soko are in New York, photographed yesterday holding hands. As you can see, she’s bleached her hair. I’d like to see how this will be styled, say, on opening night of the Cannes Film Festival next month. Because with bleaching, if the person is stripped down casual, as Kristen is here, the overall effect can be rough.

It hasn’t been long for Kristen and Soko but there’s been a lot of handholding. More handholding than we’ve seen in any of her previous relationships. Because relationships have their own identities too. Sometimes, with one person, you’re all about the handholding. And the touching. And the PDA. In other relationships, you might be the opposite. Jacek and I aren’t particularly tactile. Emily, who’s been working with us on the site for over 5 years, said to us last year, when we grabbed on to each other’s hands while crossing the street or something, that it was the first time she’d ever seen us touch. With his previous girlfriends though, Jacek was a lot more affectionate. Different people, different dynamics. I’d like to think that it’s not about changing for someone, necessarily, but responding and participating to and in how each relationship develops and is then defined.

In other Kristen news, some new shots of her for Chanel have been released. Kristen as imagined by Karl Lagerfeld, of course. In this series, he’s cast her as the coquette, coy and suggestive and challenging. You dig? I do.