Why hadn’t I noticed how blonde she’s become? She was blonde 3 weeks ago when I last posted photos of her. It was tied up then, maybe that’s why. Here she is with her hair down yesterday out to the movies with John Krasinski. It’s quite light. I don’t remember her ever going this light.

Anyway, they went to see The Wolf Of Wall Street. Have you seen it yet? I’m giving you a few more days. Then we’re talking about it. But I can tell you this: prepare to pee. Because it’s 3 hours. And if you have a small bladder (me) and are told to hydrate to help you poo, the result is that you will have to pee, probably more than once. According to my friends who’ve been pregnant, peeing frequency increases when you’re carrying a baby. So if I had to bet, Emily didn’t make it through Martin Scorsese’s indulgent 179 minute movie without having to excuse herself.