Dear Gossips,

Did you hear about Bloomingdale’s yesterday? And their new holiday ad? Take a look. I’ve attached it to this post. So the message is… basically …to roofie your best friend? Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays!.!

I’m going to assume that Bloomingdale’s employs more than one person in the marketing department. Since this ad appears in magazines all over the place and was likely supposed to make it up on a few billboards and bus shelters, it’s probably also safe to presume that it would have had to be signed off by an entire team, if not multiple teams.

And somehow this got through?!?

I wonder too about the person, or maybe the people, on those teams were knew this was bullsh-t, who didn’t feel comfortable sending this out, but felt even more uncomfortable speaking up, or perhaps did speak up and got shut down. How much money and/or fame and/or influence do you have to have to make that fear go away? Does is it ever go away? Sometimes it doesn’t go away even when you win an Oscar and are considered to be one of the best at your job, in your business. If those people have a hard time using their voice, imagine how it is for everyone else?

Yours in gossip,