Her dad posted her pictures on his site. And she has her own Tumblr. And they did this on Friday. You know. Right before Grammy weekend. Coincidence or conspiracy?


In hindsight, I wish this was the only conversation.

Here’s what I love about these pictures:

Beyonce and Jay-Z did not sell their wedding photos. They did not profit from the sale of baby shots either.

There is no pink for Blue.

They’re not posed in some studio or with crazy lighting. See Mariah Carey.

The B.I.C. looks like her mother and her father. I can also see her maternal grandmother in her too. A little Tina Knowles, non? By the way, you do know that Tina is part French, Cherokee Indian, and African American, right? Because... there are some ignorant comments being thrown around. And I thought that information might help some people check themselves.