The Blue Ivy Carter is in Paris with her parents. She let them take her out for lunch today. Check her out, obliging her dad who wants to come in for a kiss...but not really. YES. She's on her way.

It's been a while since Beyonce and Jay-Z have allowed us to look upon their divine creation. And, conveniently, it's happening on a day when Beyonce Incorporated has yet another Beyonce production to promote. Coincidence or conspiracy?

B's new video ad for H&M has just been released. She's on a beach. Her body is sick. The wind is blowing, OBVIOUSLY. I hate those earrings that look like hair and, frankly, I hate this song, her new song, which is lowering my enjoyment of the entire clip, and it's not often that I don't love every second of Beyonce in motion, as contrived and choreographed as it always is. Why do they need animation or animatronics or CGI or whatever it is they call it when there's Beyonce? But at least match the audio with the visual, you know? This song totally sucks.