The paps caught up with Blythe Danner yesterday and asked her about Gwyneth’s hospitalisation. As you can see from Blythe’s blithe response in the video Gwyneth is fine. In fact, she’s “fabulous”, no longer in the hospital, and …

Not pregnant.

At least not according to mom, contrary to reports in the NY papers. Mom however is also a multi award winning actress. You can see where my Gwynnie gets her looks and her attitude, non?

Blythe has that same way about her. That better-than-you way of carrying herself. And that better-than-you, I’ve-never-had-to-worry-about-money-now-where’s-my-martini accent, all delivered with grace and haughty elegance.

It’s the kind of snotty condescension that you can’t teach but that you can certainly breed.