Earlier this year, due to MGM’s financial woes, James Bond 23 was pushed back indefinitely. It looks like the studio has cleaned up some of the mess though, filing for bankruptcy, reworking its money business, and securing some new partnership that has resulted in plans now to release the next Bond film in two years, November 2012. Bond brought back from the dead! Please be better than Quantum of Solace.

But when will Daniel Craig have time to rest? He is still attached to Bond along with Sam Mendes who, as of right now anyway, is still supposed to direct. But that would go ahead, obviously, only after Craig is finished with The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, currently shooting in Sweden. And that’s a trilogy. Which means he’d go from Bond back to Blomkvist seemingly in quick succession, plus promotion for Cowboys & Aliens and The Adventures of TinTin in between. Apparently Empire Magazine’s new issue features a photo of Craig in his motion capture suit. Get on that.