Bond opened big this weekend in North America, winning the box office handily with an estimated $70 million take, exceeding expectations and, in combination with its European grosses, earning over $300 million to date already. Needless to say – a resounding success and even before the holiday numbers start to come in.

Did you go? Did you see?

F-ck he’s hot, non?

It’s the way his clothes fit, especially the pants. Even his khaki pants. Especially the khaki pants, right? And Bond in a tuxedo? SWOON. And Bond sitting on a speedboat? Ridiculous. And his Bond walk? Killer.


Not enough sex. Not even close. And … a little more dialogue would be nice? He says, like, 40 words the entire movie, and only maybe 6 in the first 20 minutes.


Why muzzle a man who speaks so beautifully?

I could get there just on the sound of his voice.

Still… Bond is a good movie. And Daniel Craig continues to sell his good movie all around the world stopping in Australia the other day, with Satsuki, for the Australian premiere.

Big test is next weekend.

Bond goes head to head with Bolt and, yes, the insufferably addictive Twilight.

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