Young, pretty Harry Potter Brits dating. I’m all over it.

The latest:

Bonnie Wright who plays Ginny and Jamie Campbell Bower who will be Gellert Grindelwald were spotted this past weekend leaving the EA British Academy Children’s Awards together. Very cute.

Grindelwald of course was at one time Dumbledore’s best friend before he became his bitter enemy. But before hate there is love. And Dumbledore was “inflamed” by his relationship with GG. Can’t wait to see this chemistry. Jamie, as you can see, is gorgeous. And Young Dumbledore will be played by Toby Regbo, attached, also gorgeous. Shut UP Duana. I can hear you.

It’s not the only reason to see HP7 A&B but it is definitely one of many.

As for Bonnie and Jamie, well it’s about time two cast members hooked up. You’d think it would have already happened at least 2 movies ago.

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