Bonnie Wright wore a pair of flats on the carpets in Cannes last week. I wrote about those here. Perhaps it was just a one-shot?

Um, no. She did it again on Saturday night in a pair of studded Christian Louboutins which some might consider totally badass...but...ummmm...are they badass for HERE? At the Palais? And before the kindhearted among you start drafting an email suggesting sympathy because maybe she has a sore foot...

She’s worn heels on this trip too. And she seemed fine. Note also that you can see her mini-socks over her foot, so as to prevent sweat and stink.

I mean...

I get it.

She doesn’t want to be Kate Beckinsale.

Or does she?

There are, actually, other screenings. But there’s only one screening that requires someone with a Name to pose in front of photographers. She’s obviously there to be seen. The only conclusion I can draw from this then is that Bonnie Wright wants to be seen so that she make some kind of Flat statement. As they nod at her patronisingly. Oh honey. Never.