Champagne. Apparently they like their champagne.

U2 played Toronto Wednesday, a well timed 2 show stop on their tour to coincide with the festival. They came in a couple days earlier, hit up Colin Farrell’s Ondine premiere, Bono and The Edge popped into the Masonic Temple for a quick visit – photos attached – and post concert last night they celebrated at an exclusive afterparty at ONE where they cleaned out the restaurant of its entire supply of Moet. And by cleaned out I mean that Moet had to come by this morning to restock with 100 additional bottles. That’s where I would have wanted to be. F-ck.

Word is Elvis Costello was also there. F-ck 2.

Bono’s motorcade has been attracting fans all over the city. He invited one into his SUV the other day for a photo. Look at him, pleasantly waving, not disturbed at all by the pap presence.

Chris Martin does not have the same composure.

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