I wrote yesterday that U2 fans have been keeping up with the Bono motorcade while they’re in town and a lucky fan was invited inside his SUV the other night for a photo.

Her name is Marley. The photo is attached. And the story is the cutest. In Marley’s words:

Hey! I'm the fan that bono invited into his SUV! It was definitely the most exciting experience of my life and he was so incredibly nice. Whenever he would talk to me he would call me by my name and he told me I was beautiful and kissed my hand before I got out of the vehicle. Before I said goodbye I told him I would be at both u2 shows in Toronto in row 4 and he said "I look forward to seeing you again."

The next night, my mom went to u2's secret gig at MTV and waited outside for bono with an 8x10 of the picture of me and him. It caught his attention quickly and he said "Marley! I love Marley! Row 4 tomorrow right?!" I can't believe he remembered!!!

At the show last night, bono's driver came looking for us in row 4 and chatted with us for a bit and asked for our exact seats for the concert tonight- I don't know if it was for a specific reason or just making conversation. I guess we'll find out!!

Marley’s account has been consistent with others – my friend LB also received a kiss on the hand from Bono yesterday and he was deeply moved when she told him that his music helped her through the aftermath of 9/11. She was living in New York at the time. It was an emotional moment, and Bono took the time to honour it with her.


Love these stories.

Because sometimes it’s exhausting to hear about the hypocrisy all the time.

Bono is a Rock God. And he is very kind to his subjects.