By now it’s no secret, not even to the MiniVan Majority – there is only one reason to go the Ivy. And it isn’t the food. This is why usually at the Ivy, it’s B list at best.

But check out Christina Aguilera the other day, creating a pap frenzy on her way out of the Ivy after lunch. After apparently running out of appropriate ways to exercise her baby boredom and perhaps fearing that she’s becoming more irrelevant by the day, Christina pulled the most desperate move ever.

So desperate. And SO embarrassing.

That a girl who has sold so many records, who has legitimate talent, has to resort to this. To baiting the paparazzi on Robertson.

Tara Reid baits the paparazzi on Robertson. Why is Christina Aguilera baiting the paparazzi on Robertson? Sad, non?

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