No…it is not kind to wish ill on others. I am sorry if this offends you. I know it is wrong. But seeing photos like this take away any smidge of kindness in my bitchy black heart.

It’s Bow Wow today in Beverly Hills after leaving a bank. Upon being greeted by paps, he starts waving his wad of cash around – all hundred dollar bills. Just because. And no, he was not shooting a music video. And even if he was shooting a music video, it would still be lame.

The Chinese like to say that this kind of behaviour pretty much invites the heavens to harm you. Even worse though, this kind of behaviour is the ultimate dealbreaker – like dudes who drive Dodge Magnums or shout profanities at sporting events. Look at him. He is LICKING money. As the Superbad boys would say: he’s getting no P in the Vagi.

By the way, you need to buy that DVD. Watched it last night. The extras? You will lose your sh*t.

Photos from Wenn