Well…not quite. His mother was there – good to know even the horny Pitts have a sense of propriety around the parents, which accounts for the limited ass holding last night at the NYC premiere of A Mighty Heart. I’m told Mrs Pitt seemed very fond of the mother of her grandchildren, was joined by Brad’s sister and Angelina’s brother and all seemed surprisingly familial given tabloid reports of family estrangement after Aniston.

As for Angelina’s dress – everyone is losing their sh-t because it was $26 purchased from a vintage shoppe in LA: chic on a budget paired with crystal Louboutins. Whatever. Kinda underwhelming if you ask me, but this is Angelina Jolie… it’s not like it’s ever bad, you know what I mean? 

Stilll…as much as I’m a fan of Family Pitt Jungle Sex, I have also been a huge admirer of the way they sell it. Savvy spin like no one else in the business, a press machine helmed by two of the hottest, most intriguing stars in recent memory. Most of the time they succeed beautifully. On occasion…not so much. 

Cut to last night, Pitt publicity gone awry, at least according to Fox News – not the most unbiased source, mind you, but nonetheless, Roger Friedman the entertainment editor has had a few greatest hits, namely his audacious challenge to Tom Cruise, the RoboBride, and the sinister Church, and unfortunately for Team Pitt, this time he’s chosen to expose the Pitt press machine in a scathing article about Angelina’s hypocrisy towards the media. 

Last night’s premiere of A Mighty Heart – as you know a film about Mariane Pearl coping with the kidnapping and subsequent murder of her husband and Wall Street Journal Reporter Daniel Pearl – was meant to raise awareness for an organisation called Reporters Without Borders. During the junket however, Angelina’s lawyer apparently required all journalists to sign contracts prohibiting them not only from asking personal questions but also from writing about the interview “in a manner that is disparaging, demeaning, or derogatory to Ms. Jolie."


Needless to say, the AP and USA Today took off, incensed at the censorship attempt and entirely unimpressed that a Hollywood movie star hawking a movie about journalistic liberties had the temerity to dictate orders to the press. Hard to argue with that…and trust me, I’ve been in a junket situation, I’ve been on the red carpet. Most of time, a publicist will just come in, give his/her warning, tell you what’s off limits, and everyone follows suit. On the rare occasion that someone steps out of line, all the celebrity has to say is: No comment. Or that’s not an appropriate question for me to answer. Her publicist gives the journalist a cold stare, and they move on. 

As such, military tactics like these are not only unnecessary, they’re embarrassing. And for a couple having to deal with tabloid fallacies every week, for a couple whose chemistry is so convincingly magnetic, for a couple that has managed to capture worldwide fascination and obsession, going to these lengths only undermines the power of the Jungle Sex.

Clearly not well played…hypocrisy indeed. 

Worthy to note however – spoke to a source this morning about the issue who told me that what’s laughable about wrangling and the maneuvering, as easy as it is to lay it on Angelina as a control freak, is that people very much underestimate Brad Pitt. Rumour has it, the Pitts themselves refer to it as the “misogyny of our society” in that he is constantly portrayed as the abandoned spouse left to look after the babes as she schemes to keep her enemies at a distance - ridiculous because it’s always been Brad who has been the media engineer, and prior to their hook up, Angelina Jolie’s approach was always, always easy access, open door, no publicists, and candid answers no matter how controversial. In observing their public portrayal however, especially when critics are circling hungrily, Brad always gets an easy pass and the blame always falls to Angelina. 

Full of sh-t or something to consider? 
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Peter Kramer/ Evan Agostini/ Getty Images