Zahara made a bold rebuttal against Little Sci the other day for baby cuteness, now her family is showing the GMD how to make a photo opp much less obvious.

Here are Brad and Angelina emerging from their home in the woods to walk their children to school in Prague. Check out Maddox’s head – looks like they’ve freshened up his MaddHawk. But how he’s grown! Younger brother Pax appears as though he’s put on some weight. Am particularly fond of the shot of him reaching for his mum in the rain. I wonder if he’s fluent in English yet. Kids learn fast. And kids make fun drawings. Angelina is holding some creative green colouring – I have on my fridge something similar from our nephew Noah who drew for us a castle complete with a moat. He’s very clever.

And finally, after dropping off the brood, the Pitts head home hand in hand hopefully for some Jungle Sex in Eastern Europe.

Now why is it that none of us believe Tom and Katie are doing the same?