Enjoying Mardi Gras festivities yesterday at home in New Orleans. Funny how the rags claim she’s starving and dying and shooting up – don’t know about you but this looks about as far from Britney as it gets. As for this weekend at the Oscars, though it seems unlikely they’ll attend, I received a fresh tip - not slamdunk gossip, still working on confirmation - that Laura Ziskin, who’s always had a decent relationship with Brad has called a few times gently asking about presenter duties. For both. I interviewed Ms Ziskin for eTalk about producing the show about the Oscar return to “Girl Power” with Ellen’s selection as host and her first time back at the helm since Whoopie’s tour of duty in 2002 - watch it on eTalk on Friday. Laura Ziskin is a powerhouse. She’s sharp, she’s strong, smart as all hell, the producer behind the Spiderman series, one of the most powerful women in Hollywood, and I think she really owns that with pride. According to my source, Angelina has been approached to present for either Best Foreign Language or Best Documentary Feature. The Pitts are said to be considering it though as mentioned before, neither seem too inclined to head back to the cesspool. Again, not locked down, will let you know when I know. Source