French outlets are reporting that Brange will marry at Miraval on Saturday which also happens to be Brad’s parents’ 50th anniversary. There has been speculation around this date for months, ever since they announced their engagement. Now Paris Match is sourcing local outlet France 3 Cote d’Azur’s claims that there has been wedding activity on the property for days. France 3 is now stationed outside Miraval watching it all go down. Meanwhile another publication in the area, Var Matin, insists that the Brange business is bullsh-t and that while the wedding is indeed imminent, it won’t be happening this weekend. Every weekend this summer has been a possible weekend. Every entertainment news outlet has been on alert every weekend since June about these two. I almost wish they’d just get it over with so we can enjoy the rest of our summer without having to sleep with one eye open creeping on their status which, obviously, is what they want. Why put us out of our misery so early?

So will they? On Saturday?

It’s just...

I don’t put a lot of faith into Euro gossips, you know? They’re even less reliable than the constantly full of sh-t Radar Online. And besides, right now those two have nothing to play for. Not yet. You know how it is with them - always timing, always leverage the timing.


Why not head into the weekend with a little excitement? It could help with the Olympic withdrawal to have a Brange wedding to talk about next week.

Attached - the trailer for Killing Them Softly scheduled for release on October 19. This is an art house film; no one expects it to be big at the box office. But... Harvey Weinstein is behind it. And he’s been talking like he wants to mount a campaign for Pitt for Best Actor.