Amid wide speculation that she’s pregnant stemming from a cancelled trip to Italy after which it was reported by Italian press that she could not travel because she’s expecting, Angelina and Brad showed up last night in LA in support of Beowulf and though she was wearing an overcoat, those who saw her inside and on set say there is no bump...

Where is the Second Coming?

Her brother apparently told Us Weekly that the couple do intend to have more children though, obviously, he was not specific about when or how. As for the Pitts themselves – I’m told there was no Pitt Porn last night but plenty of Pitt affection. Brad and Angie were close all evening – he’d lean in close to whisper something, she’d giggle in response, at one point as he came into her ear, he apparently took a quick sexy nibble, almost unconsciously. A photographer nearby wasn’t able to grab the shot and shouted out for a repeat, to which Brad supposedly grinned and replied – you missed it, man…you missed it.

Cute, non? And SO beautiful together. It’s actually unfair how beautiful they are together.

A friend of mine who is a publicist was able to tag along last night, of course she watched them whenever she could, and sent me a quick text:

“God she is thin. When her leg pokes you can see how skinny she is. But like you said in Cannes, her face is crazy! I feel lame but they seem really loving together. Oh yeah, they totally know everyone’s watching but it’s not fake. OK, I’m bored, going to corner Crispin Glover now. Should I ask him to sniff my hair?”


Photos from WENN