Life & Style Weekly, the vanguard of accurate tabloid reporting, really outdid itself this week with an explosive cover proclaiming the beginning of the end of the “Brangelina” era – a story that barely registered here in North America but somehow ended up twisted and repurposed for other rags overseas, resulting in nearly a thousand emails from many readers asking for clarification. And fair enough. After all, the world is hungry for anything Family Pitt, following the high of Shiloh’s early summer arrival, the last 8 weeks have been dry at best, with little or no reliable information about the Chosen Ones and the intriguing details behind their veiled lives. So here’s what Life & Style had to say: - Angie doesn’t want to get married and she wants to continue traveling - Brad wants stability, marriage, and a life in Malibu - Angie refuses, Brad gets mad, misses Jen and tells Angie that he’s still in love with his ex wife. - Angie gets mad, moves into a hotel temporarily with the children, and to be honest, I didn’t bother reading the rest. I’ll give you a minute to let that sink in. And to let the bollocks hit you several times in the face. Quite a yarn, non? The problem is the story traveled to Europe where British tabloids – not exactly bastions of reliability themselves – spun it for their own readers and ta da! All of a sudden, people are mourning “Brangelina” and expecting a Pitt/Aniston reconciliation. Ummmm…not so fast. Please gossips…before you believe it, please consider the source and if you’re new to this, please click here for the Life & Style track record, or more specifically, a complete run down of tabloid hierarchy in the United States and the rationale behind why you should not be putting stock into this or the last major break up they claimed, about Tom & Katie who are still obviously very much together, at least contractually so. Look also at this cover and more specifically the cost of it. Keep in mind also that People and Us Weekly are selling at almost double this price, not to say that cheaper isn’t better but think about it – if a magazine is struggling to move copies, what’s the most surefire way to get things rolling? Will a cover story about “Brad & Angie: Happy and Healthy” do better business than a scandalous headline reading “Brad still loves Jen!”??? Hardly. So what’s my point? My point is that NO ONE knows what’s going on with the Pitts. As I’ve been saying all summer, the Pitts have sealed all leaks. The Pitts will only let you know what they want you to know. And in this case, the Pitts most certainly wouldn’t want you to know through Life & Style Weekly that they’re in trouble and in danger of combustion. As for the whole hotel business – I’m told it had something to do with moving in to the new house and getting things ready. Very undramatic, all on the up and up. But hey – I realize that’s boring. So if you need to believe the bogus reports… giv’er. However, you might want to quickly glance at this montage of past covers, created by the clever cats at Gawker . As you can see, it’s the 2nd or perhaps 3rd time Brad and Angie have split, and the Vince/Jen engaged business dates to January, I think, and of course we all know that Jessica and Nick certainly didn’t have babies. Sorry…I’m just sayin’….