On the off chance you haven"t heard, Brad, Angelina, the children, and the bump arrived in Haiti on Friday to spread goodwill and love and peace and visit with children and continue their philanthropic world tour. A few select photos are attached and if you still want more, check out JustJared - he"s got tonnes. Now is anyone else out there intrigued by the timing of this "surprise" visit? Just two days after People Magazine breaks the exclusive that the most hunted couple in the world is expecting, the two suddenly turn up with photographers en masse for a little kiss and kumbaya with the kind people of Haiti??? Remember, gossips. There are no coincidences. And don"t get me wrong, I think it"s wonderful what they"re doing - lending their fame to raise awareness for those less fortunate. Absolutely wonderful. And certainly much more productive than, say, lying on your deck in Malibu sunbathing topless. But don"t doubt for a second that these activities present a win/win situation for everyone. While Haiti gets some international profile, the Pitts are also provided with an opportunity to woo the public with their love and togetherness. That, my friends, is called media manipulation. And as much as I love Brad and Angie, they are the masters of the game.