With this week"s announcement that Brad Pitt and my Gwynnie will be reunited professionally, I got a little nostalgic, you know? She was his angel, it took 7 years of black dress boredom to get over her, their love was a Golden Age, and while "Brangelina" is most definitely the most titillating, the most intriguing Supercouple of our time, there was a haunting sense of Fitzgerald about Brad and Gwyneth - the Beautiful and the Damned, obviously not the plot but certainly the adjectives. So now, after marriage and children and time, they will come together ONscreen (they"ve already collaborated offscreen in Running with Scissors) for a movie with an impressive ensemble cast called Dirty Tricks - their first since the pivotal Seven that sparked the intense, heady, captivating love affair that, truth be told, launched her career. Having said that, it was Gwyneth who led me to Brad. Never mind Thelma and Louise, never mind Legends of the Fall, I wasn"t on the Pitt train until he was on the Paltrow train - out of the blueblood comes this girl, tall and lanky, who always looked bored or disinterested or impatient, with an irresistible smile sparingly distributed, and an "I"m better than you" drawl that implied that he really had to "win" her. And in the process, they called her The Luckiest Girl In the World. In memoriam, shall we? In honour of this momentous occasion...B & G not only friends again but colleagues too. Love, love. First - my all time favourite, his adoration of her plainly obvious in Vogue or Vanity Fair, I"m too choked with emotion to remember. And then a few snapshots including the matching hairstyles as she went from Brad"s Girlfriend to Brad"s Fiance to Gwyneth Paltrow to Gwyneth Paltrow who broke Brad"s heart. Sigh. Perfection is so temporary, non?