Damn. We need more journalists like this in North America. Seriously, do you ever find yourself frustrated? Frustrated at all of them? Barbara, Diane, Oprah – especially Oprah – for letting celebrities off too easy during interviews? Do you ever feel like they don’t “go for it”? That they don’t ask the right questions, that they don’t press the way you’d like them to? If so, you will find this woman a refreshing breath of air – an Indian reporter who had the exclusive opportunity to interview Brad Pitt about his racist bodyguard fiasco and who did NOT accept the regular spin for an answer. I mean she would NOT LET UP. When he wanted to talk about his movie, she pressed on about the issue. When he wanted to talk about his own personal views and those of Angelina and the crew and the theme of the movie, she CUT HIM OFF and really made sure to get her point across. I loved every uncomfortable second. And you will too. Especially if you’re a Brad fan… because you know what? It was a tough interview, it was a tough interviewer, and still he did it. Still he didn’t hide behind his publicist, he allowed himself to be put in the hotseat for almost half an hour, to answer allegations over and over again – trust me when I tell you, having personally interviewed celebrities, this does not happen every day. In fact, FEW stars, even the minor ones, would be allowed or be willing to be put into such an exposed position to say nothing of a someone with Brad Pitt’s stature. Was he on a mission? Was he assigned to damage control? Absolutely! But how many celebrities are willing to place control over damage control in the hands of an aggressive journalist? You be the judge, watch the entire interview at JustJared and check out photos of yet another weekend outing with the kids. The Brad Bandana is the hotness. As is the tender way he’s talking to his oldest daughter. And to those who keep asking about The Chosen One and why she doesn’t get to come – I’m told it’s just not practical to bring her along on “toddler type” excursions complete with boatrides and long walks among crowds – car seat, stroller, diaper bag…you get the drift. Given they’re only gone for 5 or 6 hours max, it’s really not that big of a deal, especially with the luxury of a nanny, and then there’s also the added benefit of spending alone time with the Madd and Z. Finally - that ridiculous report about Angie being pregnant? Look at the size of her flat chest… If she is pregnant, she’s certainly not showing ANYwhere. Source