You should know that everyone at the Brangelina forums are calling you for what you are, a full of sh*t bitch! Who are your "sources", Star Magazine assholes? We all know they are the ones who feed you this sh*t! Then they print it in they"re magazine and everyone who reads it knows it"s full of sh*t! As if Brad and Angie don"t have better things to do than care about Chinnifer and her fat boyfriend. Don"t quit your day job lainey,you suck and no wonder nobody believes your crap. Dear Cassie: I understand your devotion to your favourite couple. It is very admirable and given the hate that"s being spewed out there about the Pitts, it"s nice to know that you are on their side. However, you and your friends at the forums might want to do a little gossip homework before coming at me with your flimsy accusations. Logic helps too. And if you had thought this through, you wouldn"t have wasted 5 minutes of your time crafting this message. Star Magazine is a money making machine. They have their own sources and then they print the stories they get from their sources in their own magazine. Why would they send their tips to an internet gossip site that can release their exclusive information 3 or 4 days before their own publication goes on newsstands? Wouldn"t that negate the power of their own material? Do the math, darling, and flip it around. The magazines are now turning to bloggers like Perez and Pink and hopefully, maybe, maybe even me for scoop. You are welcome to play in the gossip sandbox. But if you ever want to join the big boys and girls, I"ll be here waiting. Be well. And give my regards to poor Sophie in Malaysia who has been curiously quiet since I beat her ass straight up during our Asian-off last week.