Super producer Jerry Weintraub was honoured last night at the UNICEF Ball which is why his boys showed up dutifully to support him with George Clooney presenting. George, Brad Pitt, and Matt Damon and all with their ladies at one event. Needless to say, there was nowhere else to be.

Brange put on a very, very happy glowy show in the face of the scandalous new book on shelves now calling for their imminent split. What’s clear however is that they want you think there will be not be a split. Because it was only smiles last night as they fraternised with the Oceans crew, seated at the same table as Clooney and Elisabetta Canalis and Damon and his wife Luciana.

Here comes the Pitt Porn. There was a lot of assgrabbing. A lot of neck stroking. A lot of whispering and giggling, gazing at each other adoringly, hornily, and even several camera friendly moments with Muhammad Ali. The Jolie brought her A game last night, non? Even what she’s wearing doesn’t totally suck.

And the Italian Queen continues to own it too. These are major events with major players and she is right there with him, a constant fixture now, as we move further into award season, as the Best Actor fight becomes more and more fierce, George is riding the Ely and hoping she’ll take him deep …into the late stages of campaigning. Oh la. Is this a demure Elisabetta, the gentle woman beside her man? Please. In the immortal words of Ali G:


Photos from and Kevin Winter/Kevin Mazur/Jason Merritt/Wireimage/