There are many reasons to look forward to Oscar…but this year, even more intriguing. Because there is a party going on the night before – appropriately titled The Night Before party – setting up to be a clash of the exes. Seriously guaranteed to salivate your smutty juices.

The party is hosted by some super triple diamond A list celebrities, most notably Jennifer Aniston AND Brad Pitt AND Angelina Jolie. The three of them, in the same room, co-existing for a cause. I need a ticket.

Also hosting – Cameron Diaz. And Justin Timberlake. You will note – Shelf Ass Jessica Biel is not on the list. And why not? You take a look for yourself. This is STRICLY “A” LIST ONLY. I mean it does not get any more A List than this. Shelfy couldn’t even wash dishes at this gig, you know what I mean?

NB – both Jake Gyllenhaal and Reese Witherspoon, Will and Jada… and yes, yes, yes! Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. Tom Cruise and Will Smith on an undercover date. Tom Cruise to reunite with his one time Vampire co-star Brad Pitt.


Can you imagine crashing this thing?

Thanks to Amanda for the tip.

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