Brad and Angelina and their two boys dropped into a panaderia in Hollywood on Monday for some Salvadorian grub. Paps were waiting for them as they made their exit. What’s sexy as hell is how in calmly in control Brad Pitt is at all times. Fierce protector of his family but never losing his cool.

Click here for the video – the man is so chill it’ll heat up your loins.

Angelina, per usual these days, is covering up her midsection and of course still hasn’t confirmed that she’s pregnant. She was rather quick on the jump too after strapping in the kids, hastily dashing back into the front seat without giving up a good shot.

She is however expected to be at the Spirit Awards on Saturday. Event publicists have just sent out a long tip sheet to the media and Angie is on the list, nominated of course for her role as Mariane Pearl in A Mighty Heart.

Big weekend coming up. I will be posting every day from LA. Even Saturday and Sunday