Angie and Maddox in Vietnam today. Multiple sources are reporting that she’ll be bringing home the Family’s fourth some time this week – a 3 year old boy left at the hospital and never reclaimed by his birth parents. Adoption procedures were initiated around the time of The Chosen One’s arrival. As I’ve said before, according to Vietnamese adoption procedures, no pre-selection is allowed. Which is supposedly why she was referred to a 3 year old. Am working on more details. Will keep you posted. Update #1: am told from an American source that according to those who"ve reviewed home study files for the Pitts during three interviews in Los Angeles between July and October Brad and Angelina had indeed made their adoption intentions known before Shiloh"s birth but put in a preference request to adopt a male closer to Maddox"s age upon arriving home. This is apparently standard procedure during the interview process, agency then assesses suitability of home and when approvals are met, agency matches child with family. A dossier later sent to family with details about the child. Source and Source