It was press day for Brad Pitt today in New Orleans as he made the rounds in support of a new housing initiative called Make It Right for residents of the Ninth Ward devastated by Hurricane Katrina.

Brad donated $5 million himself and is appealing for matching funds with the hopes that the project will be complete by next summer.

When asked by Ann Curry of The Today Show whether or not Make It Right was the most important thing to him, Brad answered that it was his family that was his priority and "that love of my family brings me here” to New Orleans to give back.

Angelina was on hand as well, with Maddox, milling about with civilians and regular folk, no makeup, and her hair obviously not blown out. Shocking. Can you imagine Jennifer Aniston stepping out to greet her public without having first consulted the services of Chris McMillan?

Having said that… Angie’s looked better. But I suppose that’s the point. The Pitts are too busy saving the world to care about appearances. And this is an honourable thing, though I do wish they’d bring back some Pitt Porn in time for the holidays.

Only Pitt Porn trumps Beckham Porn…that story coming up.

Photos from Splash