There was a bulge. There was definitely a bulge. And they were definitely workin’ it. Definitely. Because they are the best at selling. Which is why I will always buy what they’re selling. I will also buy their sex tape, if it was ever made available, bcecause, as you know, the way these two go at it…it’s like porn for me.

And they brought their expectant porn last night to the SAGs.

From the moment they stepped out of their car, onto the carpet, I’m told it was ON. The same way it was ON at Cannes. And everyone who has ever seen them before is saying they’ve never been so ON. And horny.

Seriously horny. I mean look at these two inside the auditorium. Stroking and nuzzling and kissing and oblivious to the rest and knowing all the while a WireImage photographer was hovering about but still gifting us with a little taste of what probably goes down with more biting and licking and gnarling and baby making in the privacy of their bedroom. F&ck they’re hot…

And as my friend Michelle pointed out this morning – the telecast certainly made the most of it, placing Angie so close to Daniel Day-Lewis, projected to be a big winner, so every time the camera panned to him, all eyes were on the mother of the Chosen One and her controversial dress.

No… it wasn’t the greatest. But that wasn’t the point, was it? The point of the dress was what is under the dress. Is #5 on the way?

Looks like it, non?