They were noticeably more chatty last night, right? They worked the press line separately and even stopped for E! because there was no Seacrest… not that Guiliana DeSh-ts didn’t do her best to annoy them:

- Have you become a better woman/man since being with Brad Pitt/the Jolie?
- What have you learned from falling for him/her?

… the f-ck?

Both soured. And understandably so. Wouldn’t you sour? Red carpet questions are always inane. Trust me, I know. But that… that sank to a whole new low.

E! interviews the Brange

And why the press line?


Benjamin Button is getting trounced by Slumdog. The Brange must campaign. It’s not like their campaigning hasn’t worked so far. They’re both going to the Oscars, aren’t they?

But dude, for the Oscars, would you please at least care?

Because we know you care. You care enough to sell, sell, sell. And wearing Princess Leia’s toga isn’t convincing us otherwise.

It’s official, non?

Angelina Jolie – Worst.Clothes.Ever.

And she’s back to the old lady hair too.

What’s most confounding is that Brad Pitt is a styling guy. Brad Pitt knows. Brad Pitt has an eye. And then there’s his lover at event after event bringing him down.

Don’t get it.


Never mind.

I totally get it.

It’s the Porn.

F-ck what she’s wearing because the chemistry is crazy. Watch him watching her. Admiring her. Undressing her. His eyes hungrily roaming all over her. The one of him leaning against the stanchion while she’s posing… I’ve been staring at it for 5 minutes in a trance.


She puts on an ugly dress, you’re about to kick her ass, and then the Pitt Porn takes away all ability for rational thought.

Oh Pitt Porn. No porn like Pitt Porn.

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