My favourite comfort food: sliced beef and tomato over rice with baby bok choy. Some days in university I`d eat it every day for like 2 weeks, then take a break for a few days, but always bring it back right away. Yum. I could use some beef and tomato now.

But the point is, we all need space from things we love the most. In that spirit Pitt Porn is like beef and tomato for me. Can`t get enough of it… but I can. It`s been Pitt Porn overload, I feel like a perv, let`s maybe give it a rest until June, ok?

Before breaking though… about last night. The Changeling gala. Brad and Angelina reminded the world yet again why there are no others. As it has been the last few occasions, it was less lust than it was love. Especially on his part. He looks at her with such fierce pride you almost feel uncomfortable intruding on their moment. Only they`ve chosen to parade the moment on les marches at Cannes so privacy up the ass, you know?

The other thing about the way Brad watches Angie – it`s how a man was meant to do so in all those epic romances, you know? The way every woman, even those who won’t admit it, secretly long to be looked at by the man who adores her…who is not a stalker.

Brad Pitt gave a clinic on that last night.

Made me miss my husband, who is not the most romantic man, not even close, but who certainly suffered this week being away from me.

If you do want the naughty news though, it happened the night before. Brad and Angelina went out for dinner with all their famous friends including Clint Eastwood and Mick Jagger and throughout the meal, my sources say she`d keep her hand at the back of his neck – her finger making trails along his hair line, and once in a while he`d look at her and she`d bite her lip…

Is it normal to get horny before giving birth?

Apparently the whole restaurant was treated to a taste of their … chemistry.

Said it before, will say it again: world peace or a fly on the wall in the bedroom – it`s not an automatic.

PS. Her hair last night was the sh*ts. Seriously… for someone so stylish, Mr Pitt could have given his woman some advice.

Photos from Wenn and Splash