Shiloh sighted in with mom in Jaipur, India as Brad reportedly worked on a commercial. Baby Z as you can see is in the background being held by that lovely security fellow who lost his sh-t last week on a photographer. Not that you can tell so early but so far, The Chosen One seems to be bucking my Celebrity Baby Theory - in this case: Hot + Hot = Ugly…something she clearly is not. There are exceptions of course, and Shiloh could very well be one, like Cindy Crawford"s children - total gorgessity and a weird coincidence too since Rande Gerber is said to be tight with Brad but then again, beauty doesn"t come for free. Again - Cindy…catch my drift? And we would *never* want the Mighty "Brangelina" to have to deal with that, would we? PS. Talk about killing your credibility. On the one hand, the National Enquirer kicks ass with their Grey"s Anatomy reports. On the other - they put a "Brad Pitt Hooker Scandal, Angelina in Tears" headline on their cover which I"m told is complete bollocks - more for supermarket sales than anything else. Photos from JustJared