Us Weekly and People have both put the Family on the cover, pimping the Pitts who are always good to sell at newsstands… and why not? Look at them! Nothing new in terms of content: it’s a boy, around 4 years old, they began the procedure months ago, could be a while yet before they bring him home – all things you already know. What’s new from my sources is that the couple is already prepared and bracing for backlash from critics over suspicion into the adoption process which is why they supposedly have given the green light to Vietnamese officials to reveal as much information as possible without compromising crucial information to encourage transparency and avoid another “Malawi”. Scrutiny into this aspect of the situation is not a concern. However, what does irritate them are the questions about the timeline and why the adoption so soon after the Chosen One’s arrival. Rumour has it Brad sees this not as a challenge about their parenting but a challenge about race. I’m told he was on the phone some time late last week and he mentioned something to the effect of (my source paraphrased) – “we got pregnant with Shiloh less than a year after bringing Z home and I don’t recall anyone saying that was too short. So is it because it’s too short or is it because Shiloh is biological?” Also – Maddox is rumoured to have traveled with Angelina last week with a quick stop in Vietnam. Have received multiple reports of sightings on a Cathay Pacific flight, Angie and Madd were in Business Class, very low key, Maddox was sleepy but apparently still full of personality and hugged his mom a lot, they were on their way to Hong Kong presumably connecting to LA back to NOLA. Will keep you posted.