It has been a while…and the rubber face at the Globes didn’t help either. But here’s a candid we can all quiver over – Brad in NOLA picking up Maddox from school, Angie playing perfect mommy as well. As you know, the First Family has now settled in New Orleans, I’m told Maddox is now thriving in a regular schedule, parents at the immersion school were sent letters a few weeks ago, informing them of the arrival of the Pitts and new security measures that were instituted in preparation, resulting in a change of entrance and exit routes for students in and out of the facilities. In regards to that trip to Vietnam – Angelina took Maddox for a series of meetings about the Maddox Chivan Project last week and although they’ve “officially” denied initiating adoption proceedings, I’ve received a couple of (as yet unconfirmed) tips from new sources there who insist that paperwork was indeed submitted and filed with the US Consulate in HCM City for a fourth child that the Pitts supposedly met and fell in love with during their trip to the country together several week ago. For what it’s worth, said sources claim that they saw the documents with their very own eyes and that the process should be complete before summer – standard procedure they say and notable because they apparently all expected the Hollywood Pitts to ask for exceptions and were stunned when they didn’t. As I said before, still working to lock this down, let you know when I do. Source and Source