So not fair. But such a welcome change from drugs and bare heads and hoo hoos – Brad and Angelina out and about in New Orleans with Zahara and Shiloh, an idyllic normal family portrait, ignoring the overwhelming hotness of both parents, of course. Again…so not fair. And SO fun to look at. Sorry – I can’t get enough: of Angelina’s hair, her skin, his great sweater, Zahara’s chubby little hands munching on potato chips, and the Chosen One blessing bystanders from underneath her cozy patch quilt. Will they attend the Oscars? Hope is frail but it’s hard to killllllll….who knows what miracles you can achieve when you believe. Sigh. I’ve always loved that song – why wasn’t it more popular??? Anyway, I digress. I’m sure you’ve seen these already but if you need more quiveration – Brad in the pages of Interview Magazine looking almost as young as he did in 1998…looks like he’s having as hard of a time quitting as I am. It’s now going to be March 1st. Promise. Source and Source