Ok, so I had to have a smug moment this weekend when I feasted my eyes on the latest Us Weekly top coverline - Angelina: Giving Birth in Africa - and the story inside delivering almost word for word what you"ve been reading here for months. Since January, to be exact. Sorry, y"all. But I love being right and I love being first. And since I"ve been right so often about your favourite couple, let"s get updated on how things are going in Namibia, shall we? As I reported last week, rock solid security is paramount - one of the most important reasons behind the selection of Africa as the birthplace for Little Anti-Sci, Hollywood"s future Messiah against the gay-suppressing House of Homo Hatred, otherwise known as the Church of Scientology. Still…in spite of heavy round the clock surveillance, pappies still managed a few photos late last week, depicting Mother and Father Pitt in various displays of loving parenthood: he, sporting a new Maddhawk, playing catch with his boy and then lovingly carrying the tired out little tyke into the car and she the picture perfect earth mother, ecstatically embracing Zahara, captured in a "candid" moment of maternal bliss. Now don"t get me wrong. Like many diehard "Brangelina" fans, I"m as enamored as ever. But I"m also a cynical bitch. And photo opps like this just don"t materialise without some level of coordination, especially in Africa. As I hear it, a particular group of photographers was given an advance heads up, pre-approved by Brad himself, just to take the heat off the recent interest in their Namibian headquarters and to quell rumours of relationship strife. Translation - an arranged family portrait, they knew they were coming. So love them all you want - I certainly do - but don"t forget for a second that they are still major players in Hollywood who not only have a vested interest in controlling their images but also happen to live a very expensive lifestyle. Upkeep can"t be cheap, you know what I mean? Next... what does the future have in store? According to my sources, current discussions revolve around staying in Africa beyond the summer, even though they had originally planned to be back in Europe by September for Maddox to start the school year. However, Angelina is growing more partial to homeschooling, at least for a year or two, and given that aside from a short shoot for Oceans 13 (I"m told no more than 6 weeks - max - shorter if need be for Brad) neither have projects scheduled for the next little while, it certainly is an option. The downside is obviously location. It"s much easier for her to get around on UN business if homebase is somewhere more central. But word is they"re pretty content in Namibia and making a permanent home there is something that is becoming more and more of an option every day. As we speak, Brad"s looking to build and he"s looking for land. I"ll keep you posted on that, as well as getting a better idea of the sex of the baby. People Magazine is alluding to a girl because the couple was seen in France buying pink clothing prior to leaving for Africa. Everyone I"ve talked to who"s had access inside the resort says the subject has remained elusive, especially with Angelina who is the more chatty of the two. She"ll talk about raising Maddox, she"ll talk about Zahara"s specific dietary requirements, she"ll talk about "the husband" (on more than one occasion), and she talks about how she"s faring physically but she"s given no clues about whether or not she"s having a boy or a girl. And for this reason, any staff members who"ve agreed to talk are actually convinced the Pitts have elected NOT to know. Refreshing, non? Stay tuned gossips. We"re about 4 weeks away. Photos from JustJared