Maddox, Zahara, The Chosen One...and now #4? Us Weekly is reporting that the Pitts have signed paperwork to adopt again, this time from Vietnam. The story, as you know, has surfaced before only to result in a quick denial from Camp Pitt. But Janice Min is resurrecting the rumour, saying the couple has filed a request to US Immigration. You will note however that way back on January 25th, I reported from sources in Vietnam that they Pitts had initiated formal proceedings in HCM City. Click here for a refresher. Little gloat. Peep. Done. As for why Vietnam, you’ll recall Angelina spoke about it not too long ago – about wanting to make sure her children can relate to other siblings culturally. Maddox is from Cambodia and if it all goes ahead without opposition, it sounds like they wanted to keep it in the region. On another note – FOUR CHILDREN? The Chosen One just arrived and now another on the way? Can you imagine? Ok…some of you absolutely can. But coming from someone who never wants even one, it sounds bloody terrifying. You know how people say they fear public speaking more than death? Suffice to say, no problem here with public speaking… As such, my hats to all of you who are much, much, much more worthy than I’ll ever be. Including the Pitts. Source